Among the most common issues that luxury watches face is water damage, which can be expensive to repair. Time-Tec therefore recommends having your watch checked for water resistance annually--especially if you often dive or shower with your watch on. To test for water resistance, we use a Witschi tester to apply and then release pressure on the case gradually. This process allows us to check multiple depths of water so that we can ensure yourwatch is working properly.

Water Resistance Treatment at Time-Tec watch repair service center, providing high quality and affordable water resistant services. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure your watch is water resistant and works perfectly.

Below is a guide for water resistant watches

    • 3ATM, 3BAR or 30M is for everyday use. It can withstand a gentle splash such as rain but is not suitable for bathing or swimming.
    • 5ATM, 5BAR or 50M is everyday use and bathing, but not suitable for swimming, pool side diving or water sports.
    • 10ATM, 10BAR or 100M is everyday use, bathing and swimming. Not suitable for snorkelling, high board diving, high impact or water sports.
    • 15ATM, 15BAR or 150M is everyday use, poolside diving and snorkelling and most water sports.
    • 20ATM, 20BAR or 200M is the ninimum required for high board diving, high impact water sports or sub aqua diving.


The only watches, which are designed to withstand continued use in these conditions, are professional divers watches. Only watches marked “DIVERS” on the dial should really be used for diving as these fully comply with the international standards for diver’s watches.


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