By choosing to refinish your watch's case & bracelet, we can make your watch look like new again. Here is a quick rundown of what our Certified Watchmaker will do when they take care of your timepiece.

    • The case and bracelet are completely disassembled.
    • The case will then be polished to restore the original factory finish.
    • Included is a ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet using special cleaning solutions.
    • After all cleaning and polishing has been performed, the case is reassembled.
    • The watch will be inspected and all worn gaskets will be replaced.
    • The watch will be completely reassembled.
    • Finally, your watch will be tested for water resistance, in accordance with its original factory specifications.


Time-Tec Watch Service Center is your one stop shop when it comes to taking care of your timepiece! We offer a wide variety of services that will keep your watch running like new. Whether you need a simple strap adjustment or a full service cleaning, we're here to help. Give us a call or stop by today and let us show you what we can do!